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I'm Natalie! I can help you design the EVENT, SPACE and LIFE you desire.

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"Gold Mind Designs took care of every detail of my wedding making my day truly unforgettable."


Whether you're newly engaged and planning your dream wedding or looking to host an intimate dinner party, we are committed to providing you peace of mind along with an expertly planned, exceptional event!




Our work has been featured in Yahoo News, Fox, Daily, and local news stations when she was able to assist a bride to design a wedding with over 150 attendees for less than $5,000.  Natalie’s ability to work with any budget has made her the go to designer for families often being requested to design several different occasions and events for her clients turned friends. Whether you are requesting  a baby shower, bridal shower, special anniversary, birthday party, wedding, retirement party, holiday party, etc, you can expect to receive superb customer service and designs that align with your vision and your budget.

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about NATALIE.

Natalie Duncan is a firelighter who is passionate about event design and motivating people. With over 10 years of event design experience, Natalie has mastered the art of delivering her client’s vision while working with virtually any budget. She brings order and art to any event whether it is a party to celebrate a monumental life moment or corporate event. Always cool under pressure, Natalie has cultivated the art of resourcefulness and resilience.


It was through challenging experiences that Natalie found her passion for pushing others to shift their mindsets and own their power. So when she is not designing events, she is coaching clients on how to design the life of their dreams. She has aided many of her clients through tumultuous encounters, guiding them into self-realization and dream manifestation.


She combines both of her passions often with her many vision board parties where attendees come and get clarity on their desires and goals. Attendees leave inspired and charged to manifest what they have designed on their vision boards. Many attendees attest to how they have seen their lives go to new levels after attending one of the Gold Mind Life Designs Goal, Digger Vision Board Parties. 

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As a certified life coach, she assists clients in deconstructing ideologies that do not serve them and building awareness of who they are and what they are truly capable of. Her most common phrase is “God wastes nothing. Out of the good, the bad, and the ugly, it is our responsibility to find the nuggets that aid in the building of our “bounce back” muscles”. She enjoys inspiring others whether it is through speaking at events, her one on one work with clients, or mentoring youth in Johnston county high schools. It is her mission to enlighten as many people as possible of the power of their mindset and the power that resides in each and everyone of us.



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